Personal Injury, Auto Accidents & Wrongful Death Attorney

The law office of William B. Summers and Associates is experienced in these areas of legal practice in the states of Ohio and West Virginia. Contact our office at (304) 420-0975, or email, when you are involved in any sort of accident or injury, to see how we may be able to help you protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries can range from the healing of compound bumps and bruises from a fall, to something more serious with a longer recovery period, like fractures and broken bones. Knowing whether a property owner was negligent may take some investigation and time to uncover. In the meantime, you have bills to pay while you are out of commission.  Our attorneys can help advocate on your behalf, with creditors and insurance companies, to make sure your accident claim is handled promptly.

Auto Accidents (Primary Focus)

Case examples (w/large settlements): Jason Sowards(policy limits); Connie Dale (policy limits); Eric Taylor(ohio mva/large settlement); John Bradley(private property accident—limits for both bi and uim) Bill Baxter(minor mva/filed suit; settled with bi and uim at mediation);
Also, it is important to note that we not only take serious injury cases, but we take all cases large and small. Everyone deserves representation.

Slip and Fall Cases

Case examples: Lindsey Bush(fall at college/large settlement); Sandra Carter(fall at local hardware store); large settlement from 2 parties); slip and fall on faulty rental property(settlements from 2 defendants)

Medical Malpractice Cases

VA Medical Case/Turley(Large Settlement); Medmal Case Against Ruby Memorial when they failed to save a baby after surgery/successful settlement at mediation (Oliver)

Miscellaneous Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury at a residence/successful settlement against homeowners policy; multiple cases against local transit company for injuries; settled them; case against local ambulance company for dropping patient; successful settlement; case against local hotel for injuries sustained in the bathroom; case against local restaurant for fall due to faulty exit mat; case involving serious injury involving a golf cart rollover;

Additional Information

The firm takes many types and routinely considers random ones as well. We pride ourselves because we frequently get repeat clients for various personal injury cases, and primarily auto accidents, but can be other matters as well and transgress to other parts of the law office practice, including family matters and others. We must be doing something right…

Auto Accidents

A motor vehicle accident can happen almost any time of the year. Whether it is caused by a weather situation, operator negligence, or something involving the roadway, it can be a hassle to deal with the investigators, insurance companies, repairs, and other aspects related to what happened. There may even be an element of trauma to deal with for you or a loved one, which detracts from your ability to handle daily things that you could do before. At times like these, it helps to have the support of a law firm who will work with you, to alleviate some of the disruption caused by the accident.

Wrongful Death

There may be nothing worse than discovering that a loved one has died wrongfully. When this happens, in the midst of unbearable sorrow, time is usually of the essence in filing a claim. It could be the farthest thing from your mind, so it is the best time to have the experienced attorneys at William B. Summers working on your behalf. We will work to file the necessary claim paperwork, follow up with the entities involved, and be there to get the right compensation to cover bills and expenses, and ease the emotional pain and suffering.

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