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Family law also extends into welcoming others into your family fold. Maybe a loved one requires official guardianship papers so they can better manage their life. Maybe a grandparent wants to take responsibility for a grandchild, or new parents are welcoming a baby into the home, and it is time to process a formal adoption. We can help cover all the bases when it comes to adoption and guardianship matters. Consult with William B. Summers and Associates today. Call us at (304) 420-0975 or send an email to [email protected] to set up an adoption consultation.

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Adoption is one of the greatest gifts a family can give to a child. Choosing to adopt can benefit a child physically, mentally, and emotionally for years to come. The lawyers at Summers & Associates strive to provide excellent legal representation to adopting parents. We realize the difference it makes, and we want to make a difference for our clients. Our legal expertise can alleviate stress during the adoption process and help you through the court system. We proudly serve adopting families in:

Calhoun County, WV

Jackson County, WV

Ritchie County, WV

Tyler County, WV

Wetzel County, WV
New Martinsville

Wirt County, WV

Wood County, WV

Athens County, OH

Belmont County, OH
St. Clairsville

Meigs County, OH

Morgan County, OH

Portage County, OH

Tuscarawas County, OH
New Philadelphia

Washington County, OH

Guardianship Can Make a Difference for a Child or Adult

Another option to help those who need it is becoming a legal guardian. Securing legal guardianship of a child can assure they receive the care and resources they need to survive. However, guardianship does not just apply to children. Residents can apply for guardianship of adults who cannot care for themselves. This could happen when an adult is disabled or incapacitated beyond the point of self-care. Regardless of whom you seek to become a guardian, give our law office a call for help.

Adoption Lawyers Serving the Mid-Ohio Valley & Surrounding Areas

Individuals and married couples in the Mid-Ohio Valley who wish to adopt visit Summers & Associates in Parkersburg. Our qualified adoption lawyers help clients with paperwork and make them aware of any legal responsibilities required to adopt. We have the experience necessary to get the job done and change lives. Adoption not only changes lives for the children, but for the parents as well. Visit us on Dudley Avenue in Parkersburg to get more information on adoption.