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Face DUI Charges with Summers & Associates

A DUI charge can come with fines, loss of your license, and even jail time. If you are accused of DUI in Glenville, WV, it is crucial to find strong, reliable criminal defense attorneys to handle your case. A DUI can make your insurance skyrocket, and ruin your reputation. Trust Summers & Associates to handle your DUI in Glenville, WV, or the surrounding areas. We will protect your rights as the accused, and work for a fair outcome. Call our office today at (304) 420-0975 for a consultation.

Talk with an Attorney About Criminal Charges in Glenville, WV

Criminal charges can leave you feeling alone and frustrated, especially if you are innocent. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge in Glenville, WV, trust the experienced attorneys of Summers & Associates. Our team works with clients to provide a strong defense, gather the proper evidence, and fight to protect your rights and reach the best conclusion. Do not fight alone, and enlist the help of William B. Summers and Associates for reliable, experienced criminal defense. Summers & Associates also offers the following legal services:

Summers & Associates Defends Those Charged with Battery

When charged with simple battery or other misdemeanors, it can feel as if you are completely alone in the situation. Family and friends may turn their backs, and fines, jail time, and other factors plague your mind. Do not fall victim to the system, and contact Summers & Associates for a consultation. Our team will protect your rights and work to get an outcome that is fair.

Face Felony Charges in Glenville, WV, with Summers & Associates

Summers & Associates represents those accused of felony charges in Glenville, WV, and the surrounding areas of Gilmer County. Our attorneys take your case seriously, and work to provide a strong defense. We will find proper evidence, witnesses, and other factors that can truly stand between guilt and innocence. Reach out to the attorneys of Summers & Associates right away to begin the road to justice.