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Call Summers & Associates for Trustworthy Divorce Attorneys

Finding a compassionate, trustworthy divorce attorney is an important part of handling a divorce matter. Dealing with alimony, child support and custody, and other factors can make even the most civil divorce turn, leaving both parties stressed and angry. When going through a divorce in Kingwood, WV, call Summers & Associates at (304) 420-0975 for a consultation. We will work to handle the stressful details and allow you to regain peace of mind.

Legal Counsel for Families and Residents of Preston County

Summers & Associates works with families and residents of Kingwood, WV, and the surrounding areas of Preston County. From divorce and child custody matters, to personal injury claims and everything in between, our family law attorneys work closely to protect the rights of our clients. When you need an empathetic, knowledgeable lawyer in Preston County, call on Summers & Associates. We have experience in the following matters:

Handling Child Custody Matters in Kingwood, WV

Summers & Associates handles child custody matters in Kingwood, WV, and the surrounding areas. Child custody is one of the toughest parts of separation or divorce. It is important to find representation to protect your rights and uphold the best interest of the child. Instead of struggling alone to figure out the best plan of action, contact Summers & Associates for an initial consultation.

Summers & Associates Assists with Adoption

Whether you are taking guardianship over a child, or welcoming a child into your family, it is important to find a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer to help with the process. Trust Summers & Associates to go over paperwork with you, and ensure that everything is complete to go through with the adoption process.