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Custody can pose a major sticking point for family members, usually due to a number of circumstances. This can include blended family issues that need to be worked out, such as who manages children attending school. It can also determine responsibility for medical care and appointments, and custody on various weekends, birthdays, and holidays. When and where do grandparents, stepparents, and other relatives get the chance to visit? There are different aspects to legal and physical custody of minor children. Negotiating these issues requires handling by the experienced attorneys at Summers & Associates. For a consultation, call today at (304) 420-0875 or email us for more information.

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The relationships between parents and their children can be hard to adjust. Sometimes, after a divorce or other situation between parents, a custody battle ensues. Our lawyers take everything into consideration to fight for custody for one parent, and how much they receive. We work to find custody agreements that benefit children and allow them to receive the nurturing they deserve. Give us a call and ask about child custody representation in the following areas:

Calhoun County, WV

Jackson County, WV

Ritchie County, WV

Tyler County, WV

Wetzel County, WV
New Martinsville

Wirt County, WV

Wood County, WV

Athens County, OH

Belmont County, OH
St. Clairsville

Meigs County, OH

Morgan County, OH

Portage County, OH

Tuscarawas County, OH
New Philadelphia

Washington County, OH

Protecting Children in the Mid-Ohio Valley from Abusive Parents

In some very unfortunate circumstances, one parent may seek complete child custody after uncovering the other parent’s abusive behavior. With protection and safety in mind, the lawyers at Summers & Associates strive to secure the rights of child custody with a caring parent. Parents in both West Virginia and Ohio can trust our lawyers because we have child custody expertise. We vow to protect children from abuse and fight for their well-being. Contact us today for more information.

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For direct access to our child custody lawyers, visit our law office on Dudley Avenue in Parkersburg, WV. We serve parents and children across both Ohio and West Virginia and fight for fair and productive judgements. The lives and rights of children are too important to leave to fate. Contact Summers & Associates today and ask about our experience with child custody.