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Reliable Criminal Defense Attorneys in Marlinton, WV

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Summers & Associates Handles DUI Charges

A DUI conviction can leave you with large fines, a suspended license, and possible jail time. When accused of DUI in Marlinton, WV, be sure to seek the help of an experienced, reliable criminal defense attorney. When you choose Summers & Associates, you get a strong defender that fights to protect your rights. There are various ways to contest a stop, breath test, and other tests for DUI. Trust our attorneys to work diligently to provide a strong defense for your case. Call Summers & Associates at (304) 420-0975 for a consultation.

Trust Summers & Associates to Protect Your Rights

Whether you are accused of a crime, or the victim of an accident, trust Summers & Associates to protect your rights. It can be easy to feel like you no longer have a voice when going through trial or trying to settle a dispute. That is why the attorneys of Summers & Associates fight for proper treatment of our clients, and work to serve justice. Our firm has experience in handling the following matters:

Face Simple Battery Charges with a Strong Defense in Marlinton, WV

Any criminal charge, including a misdemeanor, can completely ruin your chances of getting some jobs, renting a home or apartment, and can land you months, or even years, in jail. When facing a simple battery charge in Marlinton, WV, contact Summers & Associates right away. We will work to provide a strong defense, gather evidence, and protect your rights and restore you voice. Do not wait, and reach out to one of our attorneys today.

Call Summers & Associates After a Petty Theft Charge in Pocahontas County

Summers & Associates defends those facing petty theft charges in Marlinton, WV, and the surrounding Pocahontas County areas. Call us at (304) 420-0975 to talk with an attorney about your options and to build a strong defense. Do not try to handle theft charges alone, as there are many ways to hinder your case. The experienced attorneys of Summers & Associates will find proper evidence to defend your liberty, and help you to know your rights throughout the trial.