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Facing DUI Charges? Call Summers & Associates

Facing DUI charges can be stressful, especially when dealing with fines, loss of license, and potential jail time. Trust Summers & Associates to treat you with respect and dignity while building your case. Our attorneys will work to find proper evidence and protect your rights while on trial. Call Summers & Associates at (304) 420-0975 for a free consultation. We proudly serve clients in Weston, WV, and the surrounding areas of Weston County.

Seek Experienced Attorneys in Weston, WV, for Criminal Charges

Summers & Associates has years of experience in handling criminal charges, from petty theft and simple battery, to murder and embezzlement. If you are facing criminal charges in Weston, WV, it is crucial for your case, and your freedom, to find an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights. Do not try to face a criminal charge on your own, and reach out to our office today. Summers & Associates handles various legal matters, including, but not limited to:

Trust Summers & Associates for Simple Battery Defense

When accused of simple battery, you may feel stuck trying to defend your name and reputation. Anyone can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is why Summers & Associates presumes all clients innocent until proven guilty. Trust our attorneys to gather necessary evidence, witnesses, and other important factors to rightly defend your case. Our goal is to clear your name and get the right results for you.

Representation for Felony Charges in Lewis County

Felony charges can land you decades, or life, behind bars. When facing a felony charge in Weston, WV, or Lewis County, it is best to find an experienced criminal defense attorney to get the finest outcome for you. Summers & Associates will fight for your rights. Our firm is familiar with the local court system, allowing us to provide you the best defense in the area. Contact Summers & Associates today for a consultation.