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Protect Your Rights After a Criminal Charge in Woodsfield, OH

Proudly Serving Residents of Monroe County

Find Reliable Representation for DUI or DWI Charges

When convicted of DUI and DWI, it can completely change your life for the worst. Those accused of these criminal charges can face immense fines, losing their license, talk of jail time, and more. If you are charged with DUI or DWI in Woodsfield, OH, call Summers & Associates at (304) 420-0975 for an initial consultation. Our team will build a strong defense to prove your innocence, or to ensure that the outcome is fair. Do not try to handle a DUI charge alone—talk with one of our attorneys today.

Face Felony Charges with Summers & Associates

Summers & Associates works with clients facing felony charges. Our attorneys fight to protect the rights of our clients, as it can feel like you are drowning in fines and the talk of jail or prison time. William B. Summers and Associates has experience handling murder cases, embezzlement, and other major matters. We will take the time to build a strong defense, utilizing all evidence and witnesses we can to get the fairest outcome for you.

Summers & Associates has the experience handling the following matters, as well:

Theft and Misdemeanor Charges in Woodsfield, OH

If you are charged with petty theft, simple battery, or other misdemeanors in Woodsfield, OH, trust Summers & Associates to provide a strong criminal defense. Our attorneys believe clients are innocent until proven guilty, and we will fight to protect your rights during the trial.

Contact Summers & Associates for Strong Criminal Defense

It can be easy to feel like you are alone and unheard when dealing with a criminal charge. Do not try to face your charges alone—contact Summers & Associates right away. We will meet with you to discuss your case and options, and fight to get the best outcome for you. Our firm proudly serves Woodsfield, OH, and the surrounding Monroe County areas.