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Lawyer Serving Ravenswood, Ripley, and Jackson County, WV

Ask About Personal Injury Representation in Ravenswood, WV

When you need a lawyer serving Ravenswood, Ripley, and Jackson County, WV, trust the experience of Summers & Associates. Manufacturing is big business in Ravenswood, as it is the largest city in Jackson County. Whether clients find themselves injured at work or need help with some other injury, Summers & Associates has the experience to help you. Our lawyers allow clients to hold negligent parties accountable for injuries they cause. From workplace incidents and car accidents to injuries on private properties, our lawyers have injured clients covered. Give us a call at (304) 420-0975, or email [email protected].

Qualified Family Lawyers Serving Residents of Ripley, WV

Families in Ripley, WV, are not exempt to facing legal issues, even when least expected. The family lawyers at Summers & Associates have the expertise to help families in Ripley and surrounding areas. Many spouses do not realize that when they file for divorce, they should have a family lawyer on their side. Additionally, family lawyers can take part in everything from adoption and child custody, to child support and domestic violence. Our family lawyers can assist Ripley residents with keeping their finances and families in order. Call for information on family law and other legal services such as:

Criminal Defense for Individuals in Ravenswood, WV

Criminal defense is very important for anyone accused of a crime. Individuals in Ravenswood may have a difficult time finding effective counsel if they are unfamiliar with our firm. When someone you know or love is accused of a crime, make sure they know about Summers & Associates. With over two decades of experience, our criminal defense lawyers can serve Ravenswood residents professionally and effectively.

Ripley, WV, Residents Can Visit Summers & Associates

Our conveniently located office in Parkersburg allows Ripley residents to speak with one of our lawyers directly. Our staff happily assists Mid-Ohio Valley residents with their family law, personal injury, and criminal defense requirements. Our experience and court records speak volumes about the quality of our legal counsel. We take pride in representing families, individuals, and children to make sure we can protect their rights. Give us a call today for more information on our lawyers and legal services.

Call Summers & Associates when you need a lawyer serving Ravenswood, Ripley, and Jackson County, WV.