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Summers & Associates Shares Examples of Weird Laws in West Virginia and Ohio

Who Knew There Are So Many Weird Laws on the Books in WV & Ohio?

For fun, we’re sharing examples of weird laws in West Virginia and Ohio as our blog topic this month. At Summers & Associates, we know the law, and fight for the rights of clients according to it. That said, none of our clients have committed these unusual infractions in West Virginia or Ohio. The states don’t even enforce most of these weird laws. In fact, the states repealed some of these weird laws on the books in later years.

Here Are Some Weird Laws on the Books in West Virginia

Among the weird laws on the books in West Virginia is the unlawful act of taking roadkill home for supper. In Nicholas County, it’s unlawful for clergy to tell jokes or humorous stories from the pulpit during church services. Furthermore, if you’ve ever participated in a duel, it’s unlawful in West Virginia to hold public office. Does a railroad pass within one mile of your West Virginia community of 100 or more residents? A weird law on the books is that it’s unlawful in West Virginia not to build a train station there! If the train doesn’t stop at this station regularly for passengers, that’s also unlawful in West Virginia.

Repealed Weird Laws on the Books

At one time, it was unlawful in West Virginia for unmarried, cohabitating couples to “lewdly associate” with one another. Those guilty of this could have faced up to a year in prison. The state repealed this law in 2010. Also repealed in 2010 were statutes alleging it was unlawful in West Virginia to:

  • Commit Adultery
  • Make Fun of Someone Who Doesn’t Accept a Challenge
  • Own a Red or a Black Flag
  • Wear a Hat Inside a Theater

Ohio Also Has Weird Laws on the Books

West Virginia isn’t the only place with weird laws on the books. In Ohio, it’s unlawful for women to wear patent leather shoes in public. It’s also unlawful in Ohio for anyone to get a fish drunk, or to fish for whales on Sundays. According to the Ohio driver’s education manual, it’s unlawful not to honk the horn when passing another car. If you lose your pet tiger, it’s unlawful in Ohio not to notify the authorities within one hour.

Acts Which are Oddly Unlawful in Ohio Cities

In Akron, it’s unlawful to post signs at swimming pools, or to display colored chickens for sale. It’s also unlawful to walk a cow down Lake Road in Bay Village. In Bexley, it’s unlawful to install and use slot machines inside any outhouses.

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