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The Practice of Family Law by Summers & Associates

We Strive to Help Ohio & West Virginia Clients with Family Law Matters

To close out 2022, we’re blogging about the practice of family law. Last month, we focused on one aspect of family law—adoption—but that’s not all we do. At Summers & Associates, we’re experienced family law attorneys. But maybe you don’t understand all that’s included in family law matters. Clients who have family law related issues need representation in

  • Divorce Settlements
  • Custody Agreements
  • Paternity Confirmations
  • Guardianship Establishments
  • And More

Settle Divorce & Custody Arrangements with Family Law Attorneys

If you’re going through a divorce, it’s possible you’ll need a family law attorney. Sometimes attorneys aren’t necessary if the divorce doesn’t include financial, property, or custody issues. In most cases, however, family law attorneys help navigate the divorce and custody process and represent their clients’ best interests.

How Do Family Law Attorneys Help with Divorce and Custody Matters?

In divorce, both spouses usually hire individual attorneys to help devise a settlement plan. If at all possible, the attorneys and spouses do this without going to court. Often, divorce settlement agreements involve child custody arrangements, including scheduling visitations with the parent who has secondary custody. Sometimes spouses pursuing divorce split custody, though joint custody isn’t always logistical, depending on traveling distance and other factors.

With Family Law, Confirm Paternity or Establish Legal Guardianship

In addition to adoption, divorce, and custody, family law attorneys deal with legal guardianship matters. Legal guardianship is like a custody matter, but more complex. Relative caregivers of children tend to pursue guardianship when they wish to provide a permanent home without terminating parental rights. Sometimes caregivers seek legal guardianship of disabled adults, or one who’s incapacitated beyond the ability of self-care. Besides guardianship, family law attorneys also help with paternity cases.

How Do Family Law Attorneys Help with Paternity Cases?

Paternity cases in family law usually involve mothers seeking child support payments from absentee fathers by testing their DNA. If DNA confirms the father’s paternity, the court can order him to pay child support. In some instances, fathers seek paternity confirmation to have a relationship with children they otherwise didn’t have.

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