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Criminal Defense, DUI / OMVI & Felonies

The law office of William B. Summers and Associates is experienced in these areas of legal practice in the states of Ohio and West Virginia. Contact our office at (304) 420-0975, or email [email protected], when you have any criminal defense question, to consult with an attorney and protect your rights.

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Criminal Defense, Misdemeanor & Felony

Criminal defense matters can relate to charges for minor infractions of the law—a misdemeanor, such as petty theft or simple battery—and that means you need to protect your rights. We presume innocence–it is one thing to be accused and another to be found guilty. Do not let an accusation ruin your reputation. Speak with one of our experienced attorneys today to review how to best handle the allegation.

When the charges against you are much more serious—felony crimes like murder or embezzlement—you definitely need the experienced counsel of William B. Summers. We take the time to vigorously mount a defense, and are familiar with the local courts in our area, to effectively represent you when matters go before a trial judge and jury. Having an experienced attorney can make a difference in all phases of the courtroom—from pretrial motions and jury selection, to examination and cross-examination of witnesses, submission of evidence, and even in the penalty phase. Our attorneys bring it all together to offer the best counsel around; so do not delay in obtaining the representation you need to protect your rights as a defendant.


Our attorneys are very experienced in handling a variety of substance impairment matters. We specialize in defending people charged with driving under the influence and operating a motor vehicle while impaired. There are ways to contest the validity of the stop, the breath test or analysis, and other evidence that may have been obtained. Do not let a minor infraction go without consulting with one of our attorneys to be sure your rights are protected. This can be especially important if there is a history of these kinds of charges, so call us today!