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Medical Malpractice

The law office of William B. Summers and Associates is experienced in these areas of legal practice in the states of Ohio and West Virginia. Contact our office at (304) 420-0975, or email [email protected], when you have a question about medical malpractice, to consult with an attorney and protect your rights.

Doctor examining a patients heart beat with a stethoscope.

At times when expected medical care goes wrong, trust William B. Summers and Associates to work with you and your family to provide an aggressive case to help you through.

It is a common problem that even the best-trained doctors using the most modern equipment these days can make a misdiagnosis. This can cause undue pain and suffering to someone and their family, often resulting in additional care or disability after the fact. If you or a loved one know or think you may have been misdiagnosed with a serious medical or mental condition, consult privately with one of our attorneys. You may be able to make claim against the attending physician and obtain a settlement for what you have been through.

Surgical errors are another area of medical malpractice that occurs more often than we might want to admit. Some are not as obvious as being operated on the wrong side of the body—there can be other circumstances of misadventure in the operating room that result in serious injury or death to patients. When that happens, you know it is time to consult with an attorney to protect your rights going forward.

Professional health care workers are trained to give proper medications and dosage amounts to patients. It is what they do, routinely, and they must keep track of all the interactions. However, mistakes can and are made, resulting in allergic reactions and sometimes death. When serious medication problems occur, in and out of the hospital setting, give our office a call to review and protect your right to proper care.

Medical care can sometimes be compounded by infections, which can become a chronic situation and otherwise delay anticipated healing after an injury or surgery. Often, the supposedly sterile environment of the hospital or health care facility can be the culprit harboring the infectious germ—resulting in extensive damage to your health. Give our office a call if an infection has extended your recovery to see if your situation may be considered medical malpractice.

Each case is given sensitive and thorough care, to ensure that your rights are protected and appropriate loss is recovered.